Dziś jest: 3 lutego 2023 Imieniny: Błażeja, Telimeny, Oskara
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Walked from Zagreb to Medjugorje for the Youth Festival

Walked from Zagreb to Medjugorje for the Youth Festival

On Saturday, July 18, a group of six pilgrims: Nikola Bodružić, Vigor Grego, Patrik Horvat, Karlo Jandrijević, Matija Ricov and Danijel Stanić began their journey towards Medjugorje. Their 15 - days long journey began and they decided to walk 30-35 km each day. They called their pilgrimage„Labora et ambulans ora" meaning „Work and pray walking", similar to motto of St. Benedict, as they decided to walk, pray and praise God on their trip.
„All of this was initiated with an idea more than a year ago. We decided first to take a trip and then it turned into a real pilgrimage. We brought in our prayers all of our loved ones, our parish community and ourselves. We chose Medjugorje since it has a special place in our hearts, it is a place where the presence of Our Lady is so strong. We are so excited to be here for the Youth Festival and to praise God with the youth from all over the world", said Vigor Grego in his interview for radio „Mir" Međugorje. These six young men are members of the prayer community„Born anew" from the parish of St. Stephen in Botinac close to Zagreb.

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